Our Environment


Early Years Learning Framework

  • Each child’s learning is based on their interests and strengths and guided by our educators.
  • Educators work in collaboration with families to provide relevant learning experiences for each child, based on their interests and family experiences.
  • Every child is equally valued and their achievements and learning celebrated.
  • Educators observe and record the strengths and learning of each child.
  • Educators work closely with children and families to generate ideas for the curriculum.
  • Learning Outcomes are linked to the curriculum during and after each child’s learning has occurred.
  • The curriculum is based on the children’s interests, educators extending children’s interests, spontaneous experiences and family input.
  • Where appropriate, the service will liaise with external agencies and support persons to best educate and care for children with additional needs.
  • Where appropriate, the curriculum (play and learning experiences) will build and develop each child’s Learning Stories, Portfolio and Observations of each child’s strengths and achievements.
  • The curriculum is evaluated and reflected upon each week by educators.